Fly Boy Music Company was established in 2009 as a professional audio recording facility.  Songwriter Elliott Park is the owner of Fly Boy Music Company.  In 2007,  after the success of his number one country hit “I Loved Her First”, Elliott began searching for a location to build his own recording space for personal and commercial use.  Using revenue from the royalties, Elliott purchased two adjacent buildings in his hometown of Clyde Texas  and began the project.  The design and construction of a sound-proof building very near a railroad required many unconventional building methods.  Elliott hired Randy Wilson, a local builder, to take on the difficult “room within a room” design.  After months of work the results were remarkable… near dead silence with a deafening train horn fifty yards away.

Later in 2007, Jeremy Strom moved to Clyde from San Antonio and partnered with Elliott in the task of selecting the right equipment and software.  Jeremy Strom is the chief engineer and technical trouble-shooter at Fly Boy.  He is also a classically trained violinist and talented guitarist.